•   about 8 years ago

Forgot about Galaxy Note (SGH-I717)

Our application's submission to Google Play store was fine, but the mistake was when I was manually excluding hundreds of unsupported devices, I excluded a model 'Unknown (SGH-I717)' from the list. later I discovers that is a new model of Galaxy Note.

As a result, the review team could NOT test the application on their device (As a matter of fact, i use Galaxy Note N7000). and the second mistake was i could not reply to their message in time. I was just refreshing the Application gallery again and again and the page did not show any indication of new message.

For that reason I think there are enough reason for the review team to skip our application. what should i do now?

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  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago

    Hi Asif,

    Thanks for writing. We are not skipping any applications. In fact, I sent you an email yesterday and I see you replied. I will respond to you as soon as possible. We have many submissions to review and this does take time. Please bear with us. Your patience is much appreciated.


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