We’re excited that you’re thinking about participating in the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge! Below are some resources for you to learn more about Samsung Galaxy Note and start creating S Pen-integrated apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note lets you capture, create and share like never before. It combines smartphone capabilities with an integrated S pen and large screen in one easy-to-carry device.

  • Integrated S pen allows for freeform writing, drawing, and precision control
  • The Galaxy Note has the exclusive HD Super AMOLED screen, which offers a deeper richer color experience both indoors and outdoors
  • One of the largest displays of any smartphone at 5.3”

The Galaxy Note, available in ceramic white and blue, utilizes AT&T’s 4G LTE network for lightening fast connection. Combining the best features of a smartphone with the larger viewing screen of a tablet and advanced technology in the S Pen — delivering an all-in-one device that allows users to work more efficiently and maintain productivity, while communicating in a unique, personal way.

Galaxy Note boasts the world’s first 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED screen (1280×800), one of the largest screens on a smartphone that provides an immersive viewing experience, customers can take full advantage of the large display, to create and consume more.

The Galaxy Note includes a highly advanced tool called the S Pen, which delivers fast, responsive and precise control to create fine lines and detail on the device display, much like an ink pen and pad of paper. With the S Pen, users can easily sketch drawings, jot down notes, or write emails and texts quickly and easily in free-form handwriting.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note!

S Pen

The Galaxy Note’s full touch capability together with S Pen yields a superior multi input experience. S Pen creates the most natural digital writing experience – it’s fast, responsive, and accurate, with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. It offers fast and easy ways to write emails and texts in freeform handwriting, copy and paste images as well as free crop and write messages on pictures. Apps that currently use the S Pen library are featured for download from Samsung Apps. Samsung Apps is a smart customized recommendation engine providing a simple way to discover best suited applications based on the device, user profile and friends.

Samsung Apps is a customized recommendation engine that provides a simple way for users to discover new apps for their Samsung devices. Samsung Apps provides a smart, curated view of available applications based on which device the user is accessing the service from, the user’s profile and app history as well as recommendations from friends. Users can confidently browse apps knowing that Samsung Apps provides a selection of apps from the broader Android Market place that have been optimized for a great user experience on their specific device.

For Galaxy Note users, Samsung Apps provides the best place to find apps uniquely suited for their device – including those “Made for S Pen” – applications designed to take advantage of the precision control and writing instrument for the Galaxy Note, the S Pen.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge, you are invited to create new experiences for users by integrating S Pen with applications optimized for Galaxy Note. To help users find your app, highlight that your app is for S Pen when you upload it to Google Play by including the text “Made for S Pen Galaxy Note” and by unchecking the box that says “All Devices.”

S Pen Software Development Kit

Samsung created the S Pen software development kit (S Pen SDK) for developers of all sizes and scale, from the hobbyist to large app companies. The SDK simplifies making apps optimized for the S Pen experience. Applications made for S Pen using the SDK library benefit from the S Pen’s 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, fast, responsive and accurate digital writing experience, and the HD Super AMOLED™ 5.3-inch display of the Galaxy Note.

To get started, download and learn more about the S Pen SDK and read the S Pen SDK Programming Guide.

Tutorials and Tools

Review the S Pen SDK 2.0 Training presentation.

The Samsung Developers Forum provides additional product details, SDKs, documentation and toolkits for mobile app development. For more information, please visit http://developer.samsung.com/resources.do.

You can also get detailed information specific to Android app development.

App Testing

You do not need a Galaxy Note to test your apps!

Access the Android Emulator

Alternatively, Sign up on Samsung Developers and utilize the Remote Test Lab service.


If you have technical questions about the S Pen SDK you can email Galaxynotedevsupport@sta.samsung.com and you can post questions on the Discussions tab.