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I posted a comment to Samsung's FB wall. I have entered 3 drawing's, as I have said were done by my "OWN" hands's. As was told that I should us a webcam, etc. I feel I will be discrimnated against or put off to the side, if you will...because I had or have NO way or means of showing, other than my Word! Which I know in this time, mean little! However...a I can say is what I just told you, I guess, Good Luck to those who have Webcam's and Video equipment and Web site's..etc! Very Politcal judging...........unfortanetly!

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    Hi Corey,

    Thanks for writing. This discussion board is for the Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge. Are you writing in reference to this challenge? Feel free to email me directly at support@challengepost.com


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