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???? question????

I submitted 3 pictures I did myself..but, had no one to video myself doing the drawings. I honestly think..one should not be discounted because of this....plus..I don't have a website..so..I can only hope that my efforts will be looked at as what it was ..an effort to show the use of my phone, which I LOVE!! Thank you...

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  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi Corey,

    The video demonstration is a requirement because it helps the public and judges understand your app. I suggest using a webcam. You just have to show the functionality of the app.

    The website field is for providing a link to your app. This can be the page on Google Play (Android Market) where the app is already available or if you just submitted to Google Play and your app is not there yet, you can provide an alternative URL where the .apk file can be downloaded.


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