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Requirement to Use S Pen SDK

While I understand that the S Pen SDK is designed to make application development easier for developers, I've found that that is only the case with certain types of apps (e.g. an app designed for note-taking). For other purposes, however, the S Pen SDK is just all-around difficult to use. It seems that the requirement of using the S Pen SDK only stifles creativity, limiting us to creating apps very similar to those that Samsung has already created.

I believe that it is in the best interest of the developers and Samsung that we are able to forgo the S Pen SDK if it hinders our apps functionality. I see no benefit to Samsung or the developers if we are limited to creating note-taking apps, when we want to do so much more.

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    Hi Obasi,
    Thank you for your feedback. They will be provided for our internal teams. I hope you will still enter the challenge.

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