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Why does getObjectID always return -1?

I want to know when the user selects an object like image or text on the canvas.

Note: I am not using setOnSelectChangeListener because that only fires when the object (image or text) has been deselected not selected.

I didn't see any other method exposed by the SDK that directly does this.

So as a workaround, I tried something like this in the onTouchEvent

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent arg0) {
ObjectType type = getSelectedObjectType();
int id = getObjectID();

switch (type) {
case Image: {
SObjectImage image = (SObjectImage) getSAMMObject(id);
// do something with the image
case Text: {
SObjectText text = (SObjectText) getSAMMObject(id);
// do something with the text
Log.i("Msg", "no match - id = " + id + ", type = " + type);
return super.onTouchEvent(arg0);

However, getObectID always returns -1. Is that a bug? Am I approaching the problem correctly?

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    Hi Numan,

    Some of the object manipulation APIs of the SDK are not working yet. My apologies, it's confusing. Those should have been hidden until the implementation is complete. I have passed that as feedback to the development group.

    Hod Greeley
    Samsung Developers

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