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Is this forum the right place for technical questions?

I am asking because there is also a forum (related to SPen SDK) on the samsung developer website.

So if I have a technical question should I post here or on the samsung developer forum or both. Are samsung developers monitoring this forum (challengepost one) like they are on their developer portal?

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    Hi Numan,

    The short answer is it wouldn't hurt to post to both for technical questions. Questions about other aspects of the Challenge should only be posted here.

    The Challenge is being run for the US (see FAQ for details on qualifying). The questions here are being monitored by a team devoted to the Challenge.

    The developer.samsung.com forums are monitored by Samsung Developers, which is a global group. Samsung Developers for the most part is not directly involved in the Challenge.

    Hod Greeley
    Samsung Developers

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