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Samsung: a more professional S PEN SDK please!

Dear responsible for of the SDK

In my opinion (based on my experience, and demands I want to do and see that others also do), the possibilities of the SDK is very limited. With such restrictions, it is almost impossible to make a truly professional application.

I think minimally we should have access to all pen events (down, up, button, etc). It should also be possible to manipulate the figures like strokes, ie to move, resize, copy and paste, etc..

So far, all functionality is oriented on the canvas, I think there should be a better redistribution of responsibilities. In my opinion more programming control of strokes and the hardware will allow a greater degree of innovation and professionalism of the apps.

Still would like to ask more, but the risk of sounding demanding ... for example, it seems a mistake to limit the pen button to take only a screenshot. There is no chance to manipulate folders, copy or paste sheets between them or change their order, etc ... and many other things ...

Again, in my opinion, until you release a more professional sdk, is a bit useless to make a challenge ...



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    To be honest, I have to agree. I'm beginning to think that my app would be much more easily created if I dismiss the S Pen SDK altogether and just create a normal app that is S Pen optimized.

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    Thank you for your feedback.
    I will send this over to our engineering team.


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    Hi everyone,

    The SDK as it stands abstracts out some of the most common ways to use the pen. I've seen some pretty cool apps built with the 1.5 version. Not everyone's app idea is going to fit these common patterns, though.

    Having said that, yes, it could do more. I think the big leap between 1.5 and 2.0 shows that we're serious about adding sophisticated capabilities.

    Feedback from this thread has already been delivered to the development team. We welcome more comments and suggestions. Your suggestions will help drive the direction of the SDK, so go for it.

    Hod Greeley
    Samsung Developers

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    I was hoping to write a simple game using pen inputs, but it looks like that sort of interaction isn't there yet in the SDK. I have to agree with Obasi S that it would make more sense to just use normal touch events, but the contest does require using the SDK functionality in some way..

    I think I'd rather have the timeline extended to start once the direct pen input was accessible..

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    I found a post here from John I from Samsung which helped me out. It shows how to get the X, Y, and pen pressure:

    I posted a simple example you can add into the Sample 1 onCreate here:

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