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Convert S Pen input into String

Is it possible to convert S Pen input on a canvas into a string? I want to be able to read characters and numbers that the user writes. It appears none of the 6 examples do this so I was wondering if it was possible. I tried using the getTextInfos() but it returns a size of zero. I also tried to change the mode of the Canvas to TEXT_MODE but when I do that my test app blows up saying it can not find the Text Box. I see references to creating a Text Box in the documentation so I tried creating a Test Box but get ClassCastExceptions. Anyone know if this is possible and if so mind sharing some code?



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    Unfortunately, current version of S Pen SDK doesn't support it.


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    To add a little, the framework for doing this is already in the SDK, but the decision was made to release 2.0 without full implementation because of the value of the other features. So the ability is coming, but no, right now you can't do it.

    Hod Greeley
    Samsung Developers

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    @Hod G: Are you hinting an OCR (textual pattern recognition) capability for SPen SDK is in the work?

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